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Cake Decorating and Food Stencils

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Leafy Scroll Side
Product ID E-STEN1
PriceAU$ 16.50
In Stock 6
This pattern measures 12cm High x 38cm wide
Five Point Rosettes
Product ID E-STEN10
PriceAU$ 17.82
In Stock 6
Patterns fit within a 2.75" circle
Four Point Rosettes
Product ID E-STEN11
PriceAU$ 17.82
In Stock 6
Use these patterns on cookies or sides of cakes.
Musical Notes Border 12"
Product ID E-STEN12
PriceAU$ 16.83
In Stock 6
2"H x 12" W
Musical Notes Stencil
Product ID E-STEN13
PriceAU$ 16.50
In Stock 0
Stencil Sheet = 21cm x 29cm
Swirl  Heart Designs
Product ID E-STEN14
PriceAU$ 23.76
In Stock 6
app 3.25" H x 3.5" W
Damask Side 2" Border
Product ID E-STEN15
PriceAU$ 16.50
In Stock 6
measuring 3.75"H x 14"W
Damask Cake 5-Tier Set
Product ID E-STEN16
PriceAU$ 27.23
In Stock 11

Lace Tiered Set 5 Tier
Product ID E-STEN17
PriceAU$ 27.23
In Stock 4
fits 6,8,10,12, and 14" square cakes.
Fleur De Lis Cake Side #4
Product ID E-STEN18
PriceAU$ 19.80
In Stock 6
This design measures 3"H x 11.8" W
Rose Side #2 Stencil
Product ID E-STEN19
PriceAU$ 15.15
In Stock 6
The stencil measures 3"H x 11"W
Fleur De Lis Side  #2
Product ID E-STEN2
PriceAU$ 19.80
In Stock 6
Elegant side pattern measuring 2"H x 8.75"
Medium French Medallion Stencil
Product ID E-STEN20
PriceAU$ 24.75
In Stock 1
measures 9.5"
Small Happy Birthday Stencil
Product ID E-STEN21
PriceAU$ 9.63
In Stock 6
size is 1.5"H x 2.5"W
Fleur De Lis Cake Stencil Set
Product ID E-STEN22
PriceAU$ 27.23
In Stock 6

Small Butterfly Stencils 2.5"
Product ID E-STEN23
PriceAU$ 9.63
In Stock 6

Mermaid & Fish Scales Stencil
Product ID E-STEN24
PriceAU$ 16.50
In Stock 1
Stencil Sheet = 21cm x 29cm
Individual scales are approx 11mm wide
Script Celebration Stencils
Product ID E-STEN27
PriceAU$ 17.33
In Stock 6
fit within a 4" circle
Script Monogram Stencil
Product ID E-STEN29
PriceAU$ 39.72
In Stock 0
Size = 1.25"
Chic Rose Border
Product ID E-STEN3
PriceAU$ 15.15
In Stock 6
measures 6"H x 12"W
Chandelier Stencil Set
Product ID E-STEN30
PriceAU$ 15.15
In Stock 21
stencils are 2.5" 3.5" and 5"
Love Birds Side Stencil
Product ID E-STEN31
PriceAU$ 19.25
In Stock 6
Size: 3.55"H x 12.3"W
1.25" Script Numbers Stencil
Product ID E-STEN32
PriceAU$ 14.08
In Stock 0
consists of 1.25" numbers.
1.25" Contemporary Letter Stencil
Product ID E-STEN33
PriceAU$ 16.50
In Stock 12

Contempory Numbers Stencil
Product ID E-STEN34
PriceAU$ 16.50
In Stock 2
This stencil consists of 1.25" numbers.
Small Letters Stencil
Product ID E-STEN35
PriceAU$ 16.50
In Stock 1
letters are uppercase and sized from .6"-.85"
Alencon Floral Lace Swag Cake
Product ID E-STEN36
PriceAU$ 27.60
In Stock 6
Size: 3.5"H x 14.5"W.
Eyelet Lattice Stencil
Product ID E-STEN37
PriceAU$ 30.20
In Stock 1
Measures 4"H x 10" W
Jungle Animals Cake Side
Product ID E-STEN38
PriceAU$ 13.20
In Stock 5
Measures 3.8"H x 11.2"W
Feathered Scroll Side
Product ID E-STEN4
PriceAU$ 14.08
In Stock 3
Measures 2.5" H x 10"W
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