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Metal cake decorating cutters

» Shaped Cutters
35mm Heart Cutter
Product ID CU19-35
PriceAU$ 3.32
In Stock 0

42mm Heart Cutter
Product ID CU19-42
PriceAU$ 3.32
In Stock 4

60mm Heart Cutter
Product ID CU19-60
PriceAU$ 4.08
In Stock 3

70mm Heart Cutter
Product ID CU19-70
PriceAU$ 4.29
In Stock 4

90mm Heart Cutter
Product ID CU19-90
PriceAU$ 4.61
In Stock 5

Small Heart Cutter Set
Product ID CU83
PriceAU$ 8.04
In Stock 5
16mm, 22mm,29mm
Medium Heart Cutter Set
Product ID CU83A
PriceAU$ 8.90
In Stock 3
20mm, 30, 35mm
Wavy Heart Cutter Set
Product ID CU83W
PriceAU$ 11.15
In Stock 2
3" Oval Scolloped Cutter
Product ID CU23-3
PriceAU$ 6.54
In Stock 1
75mm long
5" Oval Scolloped Cutter
Product ID CU23-5
PriceAU$ 7.40
In Stock 5
125mm long
7" Oval Scolloped Cutter
Product ID CU23-7
PriceAU$ 8.58
In Stock 3
175mm long
Fancy Rectangle Plaque Cutter
Product ID CU80
PriceAU$ 12.75
In Stock 5
117mm x 80mm
Extra Fancy Rectangle Plaque Cutter
Product ID CU80A
PriceAU$ 9.19
In Stock 2
82mm x 62mm
Fancy Oval Name Plaque Cutter
Product ID Cu80B
PriceAU$ 11.51
In Stock 5
120mm x 83mm
3in. Round. Plaque Cutter
Product ID CU86
PriceAU$ 6.22
In Stock 1
5in. Round. Plaque Cutter
Product ID CU87
PriceAU$ 6.75
In Stock 4
7in. Round. Plaque Cutter
Product ID CU88
PriceAU$ 8.37
In Stock 3
Round Garrett  Frill Cutter
Product ID CU89
PriceAU$ 7.92
In Stock 3
Plain Carnation Cutters
Product ID CU06
PriceAU$ 7.61
In Stock 2
Star Cutter Medium
Product ID CU163
PriceAU$ 4.89
In Stock 2
Medium Star Cutter
Product ID CU187
PriceAU$ 5.90
In Stock 0
Butterfly Cutter
Product ID CU122
PriceAU$ 6.35
In Stock 6
58mmx 35mm
Angel Wings Cutter Set
Product ID CU164
PriceAU$ 14.96
In Stock 1
46mm,57mm,76mm high
Dog Bone Cutter Set
Product ID CU191
PriceAU$ 16.95
In Stock 0
Turtle Face Cutter
Product ID CU27
PriceAU$ 5.61
In Stock 1
9cm Wide
Mouse Cutter
Product ID CU29
PriceAU$ 11.26
In Stock 2
9cm x 9cm
Gingerbread Man Cutter
Product ID CU81-M
PriceAU$ 8.47
In Stock 4
140mm x 93mm
Gingerbread Woman Cutter
Product ID CU81-W
PriceAU$ 8.47
In Stock 0
140mm x 93mm
Gingerbread House Cutter
Product ID CU81B
PriceAU$ 14.16
In Stock 3
132mm x 126mm
Gingerbread House Cutter Large
Product ID CU81C
PriceAU$ 42.82
In Stock 3
150mm x 180mm
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