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Miscellaneous Cake Decorating Equipment

» Miscellaneous Equipment
Halloween Heart Shaped Large Plastic Mould
Product ID 431132
PriceAU$ 2.75
In Stock 165
1.6 Litre
Acetate Collar 60mm x 30metres
Product ID CB09
PriceAU$ 17.97
In Stock 2
Wrap around cakes to show-off the fillings.
Klear Kake Band 2.5" X 500ft
Product ID CB10
PriceAU$ 77.00
In Stock 0
Wrap around cakes to show-off the fillings.
Chocolate Melting Pot
Product ID E-Bot1
PriceAU$ 10.15
In Stock 1
Perfect for melting butter, chocolate, warming milk or heating sauce
2 in 1 Reversible Cupcake and Cake Carrier Caddy
Product ID E-CADD2
PriceAU$ 52.57
In Stock 1

Clay Gun
Product ID E-CLAY1
PriceAU$ 17.60
In Stock 4
Squeeze Action Clay Gun
Sugarcraft  Clay Gun
Product ID E-CLAY2
PriceAU$ 52.80
In Stock 2
Trigger Action Clay Gun
Mondo Paste Extruder
Product ID E-CLAY4
PriceAU$ 31.35
In Stock 1
Can be used with fondant, modelling pastes, sugar paste, marzipan and more.

Includes 20 shape disc

Decorative Fondant Punch Set
Product ID E-CUT15
PriceAU$ 20.46
In Stock 14
Set of 8 designs
Pastry Cutting Wheel
Product ID E-CUT2
PriceAU$ 6.60
In Stock 2
Stainless Steel Wheel diameter 3cm.
Dariole Mould Plastic Box 50
Product ID E-Dar1
PriceAU$ 34.92
In Stock 0
50ml Base x 60ml Height - 125ml
Dariole Mould Plastic Box 6
Product ID E-Dar2
PriceAU$ 8.59
In Stock 3
50ml Base x 60ml Height - 125ml
Diamond  Press - Large
Product ID E-DIAM1
PriceAU$ 14.30
In Stock 5
31cm x 11.5cm - 4cm squares
Diamond Press Set - Small
Product ID E-DIAM2
PriceAU$ 14.30
In Stock 1
31cm x 11.5cm - 2cm Squares
Diamond Press Set-Stretched
Product ID E-DIAM3
PriceAU$ 14.30
In Stock 7
31cm x 11.5cm - 4.5cm Diamonds
Plastic Diamond Quilt Embosser
Product ID E-DIAM4
PriceAU$ 9.90
In Stock 7
12cm x 7cm -1.5cm diamonds
Large Plastic Diamond Embosser
Product ID E-DIAM5
PriceAU$ 9.90
In Stock 4
12cm x 7cm - 3cm diamonds
Glass Eyedroppers
Product ID E-EYE1
PriceAU$ 1.60
In Stock 89
Suitable for 25ml Bottles
Cream Horn Moulds
Product ID E-HORN1
PriceAU$ 8.42
In Stock 2
Pack of 4

Stainless Steel

14cm x 3.5cm diameter.

Lattice Matrix 2 Pce
Product ID E-LATT1
PriceAU$ 46.75
In Stock 1
Lattice Cutting Roller
Product ID E-LATT2
PriceAU$ 12.62
In Stock 5
4" wide wi
Heavy Cake Lifter by Sprinks
Product ID E-LIF3
PriceAU$ 20.90
In Stock 3
Size: 225mm x 290mm
Measuring Cups Set 4
Product ID E-MEA1
PriceAU$ 15.91
In Stock 4
Set 4 Stainless Steel
Measuring Spoons Set4
Product ID E-MEA2
PriceAU$ 8.37
In Stock 4
Stainless Steel Set 4 -
Jug and Nesting Measure Cups
Product ID E-MEA3
PriceAU$ 24.13
In Stock 1

Icing Needles Pack of 5
Product ID E-Needle1
PriceAU$ 2.42
In Stock 62
For Pricking bubbles in Fondant - Pack of 5
Round Plastic Artist Palette
Product ID E-PAL1
PriceAU$ 2.75
In Stock 27
Fondant Strip Applicator
Product ID E-RIB2
List Price: AU$ 79.80
PriceAU$ 22.00
In Stock 6
Roller Docker
Product ID E-ROLL1
PriceAU$ 12.62
In Stock 3
Pegs spaced 15mm
Ruler- Metal
Product ID E-RULE1
PriceAU$ 5.50
In Stock 7
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